Getting Dressed Guides

Do you have all the pieces of an outfit, but have no idea how to put them together?  Maybe you aren't sure what's missing, if anything.  Do you know what to wear on your head?  Do you really need sleeves on a hot summer day?

Fear no more!  RH Getting Dressed Guides to the rescue!

Reconstructing History's Getting Dressed Guides teach you how to get dressed for this period and location. “Everything you need to know to get dressed.”

RH's GDGs list what pieces are essential to be dressed properly... what garments can be omitted for reasons of comfort without compromising the accuracy of the outfit... where is the line between costume and clothing.

And pages of step-by-step illustrations teaching you how to properly don each layer and accessory.

Getting Dressed Guides are not stuffy monographs on historical clothing.  In them you will find a list of garments commonly worn in the time period and the manner in which they were worn. General fabric types and other pertinent information is included, but more detail than this is outside the scope of this Guide.  

Everything you need to know.  Right when you need it.


Ottoman Turkish Women's Getting Dressed Guide


$14.95   $9.95
Get Dressed Properly! Since the publication of Jennifer Scare's work on Near and Middle Eastern Dress in the 1980s, much has been written about the... More

14th century Women's Getting Dressed Guide


$14.95   $9.95
Get Dressed Properly! Since the publication of Sarah Thursfield’s work on Medieval Dress in 2001, much has been written about the clothing of the... More