Historic Patterns

You can get patterns to make everything you need for any historical impression (and some fantasy ones) from Reconstructing History! Reconstructing History Patterns are based on surviving garments and each pattern contains both modern and period construction techniques.

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RH017 - 14th century Women's Kirtle or Cotehardie or Medieval Dress


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Make yourself the perfect Medieval dress Buy our full-size paper pattern with complete instructions and historical notes for 14th century... More

RH1090 -- Ladies' 1910s Evening Gowns

CODE: RH1090

In stock
Make yourself a Titanic evening gown with this pattern! You need our pattern for this stunning evening gown based on an original pattern from... More

RH313 - Medieval Irish Moy Gown


In stock
Get this pattern by renown Irish clothing researcher Kass McGann and make yourself a Moy Gown! You've been searching online for creative resources... More

RH1207 -- 1920s Evening Gown

CODE: RH1207

In stock
Make their heads turn with our 1920s Draped Evening Dress pattern! Based on an original pattern from 1922, this one-piece, draped,... More

RH921 - 1880s-1930s Dress Coat or Tailcoat


In stock
Buy our lovely tailcoat coat pattern and be the best dressed at the Ball. Full size paper patterns for Men's Dress Coat for the 1880s through 1930s... More

RH940 -- Gentleman's Victorian Inverness Coat


In stock
Will the real Sherlock please stand up! Look like you favourite movie star in your own Sherlock Holmes Inverness Coat.  You need our... More

RH024 - 14th century Man's Accessories


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You need our 14th century accessories pattern!   Get our full-size paper pattern with complete instructions and historical notes for 14th... More

RH1014 -- 1910s-1940s Ladies' Riding Breeches or Jodhpurs

CODE: RH1014

In stock
Wear more flattering Riding Breeches!  You need our pattern for ladies’ riding breeches or jodhpurs from the 1910s through the 1940s... More

RH406 - Ottoman Turkish Woman


In stock
Make yourself what Turkish Women really wore in the early part of the Ottoman empire (16th and 17th century)! Buy our full-size paper patterns with... More

RH002 - 15th century Women's Kirtle & Sleeves


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Make yourself the perfect High Medieval common woman's dress! Get our full-size paper pattern with complete instructions and historical notes for... More