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RH004 - 12th through 16th c Peasant Man

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Buy everything you need to be Medieval in one easy pattern!

Based on our research, peasants (that is, common farmers and shepherds) were wearing almost the same clothing from the 12th through 16th centuries.  From manuscript illuminations, books of hours, and the sketchbooks of famous painters like Holbein and Dürer comes evidence that peasants wore the same style of functional, easy-wearing clothing for the better part of three centuries.

Buy our full-size paper pattern for Western European Peasant Men.  It includes patterns for the tunic, leggings, hood or coif, drawers, and shirt shown in these illustrations and based on extant archeological examples.

Fits chests 34"-54". All Sizes in one envelope.

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Suggested Fabrics: 

wool for tunic, hood and leggings
linen for shirt, coif and drawers

Yardage Requirements: 
tunic -- 3 yds at least 60" wide
shirt -- 2 yds at least 60" wide
drawers -- 2 yds at least 60" wide 
leggings -- 2 yds at least 60" wide 
hood -- 1 yd at least 60" wide
coif -- 1 yd at least 60" wide 


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