RH208 - Elizabethan Commonwomen's Outfit



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Get everything for an Elizabethan Common Woman in this one easy pattern!

Buy our full-size paper patterns with complete instructions and historical notes for mid-16th century English Commonwoman's Kirtle and Overgown with or without sleeves. Also included are two styles of partlet, apron, pin-on sleeves, and cap appropriate for commonwomen and directions for a smock.

Kirtle fits busts 30½"-48" and waists 23"-41". All Sizes in one envelope. Historical notes and embellishment suggestions included.

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Suggested Fabrics
Kirtle, Overgown and Sleeves: light weight to coat weight
wool, light linen for lining
Partlet, Cap, Smock and Apron: light linen


Yardage Requirements: 
Kirtle or Overgown: 6 yds 45" or 4½ yds 60" wide 
Lining (optional): 6 yds 45” or 4½ yds 60” wide
Smock 3 yds at least 60” wide
Sleeves 2 yds at least 45” wide
Apron 2 yds at least 45” wide
Cap ½ yd at least 45” wide
Partlet 1 yd at least 45” wide


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