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RH418 -- Japanese Shirabyoshi Dancer's Outfit

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Make yourself Japanese boy clothes with our Shirabyoshi pattern!

No, this isn't an anime. Shirabyoshi, the famed temple dancers, routinely dressed as men when they went out, even going so far as to carry a man's fan and wear the appropriate sword.

Our pattern for the Shirabyoshi outfit includes full-size pattern pieces and step-by-step instructions on how to construction Suikan Sugata (the outfit of a Shirabyoshi) in a period manner (as well as directions for machine sewing). This pattern includes the suikan (robe), hitoe(top), nagahakama (long pants), kosode (undershirt), shitabakama (drawers) and tate eboshi (hat). Also included are extensive historical notes on the origin and appropriateness of suikan, colour, embellishment, and fabric suggestions, how to make kikutoji (decorative pompons), appropriate hair styles and directions on how to get dressed.

All you need is the shoes!  ...And the sword.

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